Essentially, my educational goals are to finally graduate from my Georgia State with my undergraduate degree in psychology with a concentration in pre-medicine. But before I can bast in the joys of not having to compete with 33,000 students to get into a required class, I still have take BIO 2107, Physic 1111 and 1112, my two required critical thinking through writing course for my major along with tons of other classes… But that is okay because with each comes more surprising and interesting things and sssshhhh…. dont say it to loud because then someone may catch on but…….. <whisper> knowledge…. LOL!!! But after all is said, done, quizzed and tested, I have the aspirations of really working for the FBI as a Criminal Profiler <Behavioral Analyst> and then when I get to old to chase the bad guys, I want to practice clinically as a Psychiatrist… did I mention in my own my own office?

However, the more and more I attend class the more and more I become interested in the field of genetics…. They say you change your college major 3 times and I am on my second so who knowsss….. maybe there will be a third in my future!!!!

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