1. What is a Theory?
A theory is an explanation of a natural phenomenon that has been repeatedly observed in nature and explained through logical deductive reasoning and a theory has yet to be disproved through a scientific experiment that can repeated amongst the masses.
b.   What is the mechanism of evolution?
         The mechanism of evolution is when an organism experiences some type of environmental stimulus that causes an internal variation in the expression of the genetic material known as a gene. The variation in the gene causes a different and more diverse expression in the original organisms offsprings genotype which is the blueprint to the offspring’s phenotype.
c. What is the cell membrane?
        Is the a semi-permable  membrane that consist of a lipid bilayer that encloses the cytoplasm inside the cell and it distinguishes the internal cell environment from the external environment and protects all the cell’s internal structures from harmful things in the external environment. It also allows the crossing of materials such as ions and water.
d. What is cell signalling?
      Is how cells communication with each it’s close and/or far neighboring cells and also to the originating cell itself. 

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