Class Reflection 10/18/2011

19 Oct

In this class, I learned about the three different types of processing proteins. There are the proteolysis, the glycosylation and the phosphorylation protein. Each protein has a different job and the glycosylation is responsible for the addition of sugar. The phospholrylation is responsible for adding a phosphate group. Lastly, the proteolysis is responsible for directing newly formed proteins to the Golgi apparatus and it is also responsible for the cleaving of polypeptides to allow the fragments to fold into different shapes.

It is possible to inject a gene into another species, which then displays the trait of the other species because of the universal genetic code. Translation, which is a cytosolic process, of RNA and DNA are the same regardless of the species, however, the only variation is that the mechanism of translation may vary. When undergoing translations, cells have a stop codon that initiate termination of protein production and the codon is usually UAG, UAA or UGA!

Genetic expression and experimentation was first done by Gregor Mendal, an Austrian Monk that went with little to no fame at his time of existence. He achieved such experimentation through the work of peas that can produce up to two generation in a one year. He was also responsible for coding, in mathematical terms, the pattern of inheritance.

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